Aura Sutra Wellness Studio - Restore your Balance, Beauty & Health
"Relax & Rejuvenate"
Holistic Energy Balancing
Inverse Wave Therapy (tuning forks), Aromatherapy, BRQ (Light & Sound Therapy),and Crystal Therapy
30 Minute session- $60

Holistic Wellness Consult
30 Minute session-$30
Free with a "6-pack" Facial purchase!

BRQ- Brain Respiration Quotient
Light & Sound Therapy
The BRQ is a wonderful self-training tool that uses light and sound to stimulate the whole brain, while also balancing the left and right hemispheres.  There are six different programs that will improve memory, focus and concentration, heightened sensory perception, study habits and provide deep relaxation.     
10-20 Minutes session-$10

Biopulsar Reflexograph
Full Body Analysis of the Aura
30 Minute Session-$60 (see link to the left for more info)